Zone Rural

Run No.159

Acres. 40,000

To J Warby - To Captain Sturt - To W B Smith - To G F De Salis

1848 Report. - No.159. Smyth and De Salis, per L. F. De Salis. Name of run, Darbalar. Estimated area, forty thousand acres, Estimated grazing capabilities, two hundred cattle, ten thousand sheep.

Bounded on the north by the river Morumbidgee upwards, from its junction with the Tumut, to a main gully about a quarter of a mile west from Leggin's house;

thence joining the runs of Leggins, Quilter, Luff, and T. Howe, by the said gully to the summit of the dividing range between the Morumbidgee and Adjinbilly Creek;

thence along the summit of the dividing range till the line meets the Gobarralong road;

thence down the said road to the Adjinbilly Creek, thence up the said creek till it touch on the extreme southern boundary of T. Howe's run one mile above Murphy's residence;

thence up and along the said boundary to the summit of the dividing range between the Oak and Adjinbilly Creeks;

thence southward joining with C. O'Brien's along the said summit till meet the Black range;

thence down the ridge of the Black range to the Adjinebilly Creek;

thence across the said creek, and joining Mr. Fergusson's, up the main arm of the Rocky Creek to the Red Hills, whence down the ridge jutting opposite the woolshed of Captain M'Donald on the Adjinebilly Creek:

thence up the said creek to the first range-spur of the Shaking Boy; thence joining Messrs. C. and A. Macdonnell, along the ridge to the summit of the dividing range between the Adjinebilly and Tumut waters;

thence northward by a line along the summit till it meet the head of the creek upon which Fitzgerald resides;

thence down the said creek till its junction with the Spring Creek; thence joining Kiley's, up to the said Spring Creek to a point such that a line running due west shall pass through another point half a mile north of Cox's old residence on Brungal Creek;

from Spring Creek along the said line to Brungal Creek,joining in part on Perceval's;

thence joining Keighran's down Brungal Creek to the gully between the Bald and Stockyard Hills; thence up the said gully across the gap, and down the corresponding gully to that Oak Creek, which springs from the Kangaroo ground;

thence up the said Oak Creek to a point half a mile south of the old sheep station near the waterholes;

thence joining Osborne's, along Osborne's road to the summit of the Big Hill Range;

thence along the summit till it join the range which divides the Blind Creek from other waters;

thence along the summit to the main gully leading down the green arm at the head of the Durilalura Lagoon;

thence down the said gully to Osborne's fence on the said Lagoon; thence along this fence to the River Tumut, and thence down the Tumut till its junction with the Murrumbidgee.- (Ref- The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Monday 16 October 1848).

This report is submitted in good faith. All endeavors have been made to make all entries authentic and correct. For any corrections and additional valuable information, maps and photos you may have please contact

John Stephenson (Mobile 0431 481 451) Ex West Blowering Resident, now living in Wollongong, NSW. Australia.

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1927 - MR. JOHN BROWN'S PURCHASE. - GUNDAGAI, Thursday. - Mr. John Brown, the coal mine owner, of Newcastle, yesterday brought to a halt the subdivisional sale of Dalkeith Estate, two miles from Gundagai, which was to take place next week, by purchasing the whole of the estate.

The price was not disclosed, but it is understood to constitute a record for the district. Mr. Brown proposes to use all the land for the cultivation of maize and lucerne crops, which will be used at his stud farm at Darbarlara, a few miles distant. - (Ref - The Sydney Morning Herald (NSW : 1842 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Friday 13 May 1927).

1930 - JOHN BROWNE WIfiE Sydney, April: '3; - A copy of the will of the late Mr. John Brown, made available in Newcastle to-night, shows that the former Chief Justice of Australia (Sir Adrian Knox) and the present general manager of Messrs, J. and A. BroWn (Mi*. Thomas Armstrong:) are the principal beneficiaries.

They are to share equally; as tenants and owners in common, after the payment of 1 officios amounting' to £15,250 cash, and the transfer of certain properties. In addition, Sir Adrian Knox receives, a cash legacy of £100,000, Mr. Brown's Darbarlara estate with all fittings and all blood stock owned by Mr. Brown, and Mr. Armstrong receives a cash legacy of £10,000 and Mr. Brown's home: and freehold property in Wolfe-street, Newcastle.

The will further directs that Mr. Armstrong should be paid an annuity of £10,000 a year ak executor, and expressly desires that he should continue as manager of the firm at ia salary of £4,000 a! year. -v ONLY TW'o PAGES. . The will; Which is a document of only two pages, draw'n up as recently as December IS, and witnessed by the secretary of the A.J.C. (Mr* Cooper),, and by icllen' Brown, further provides1 Mr the appoiiUmeiit of Mr. Armstrong) a lid of Mi*. W.. Mdirte;-' df the/firm1 I of'Priestley &. Morris, as'executors and trustWs'. It bestows respective an-; nuities of £250 and" £2(i& tin Miss Cfara1 - Burns, one Of Mr. Broiyn's servant's for almost 20 years,' and Skrah/Attn1, Wilson, Mr. Brown's housekeeper in recent years, and gives the folto^ngr : legacies:- £250 to Peter Poole, jtih.; £1,000 to Mrs. Margaret Poole, offAr- ; miflnl#;. daUl+hter of Sir Adrian Kiidx; £1.000'' t'o Lang Dunn, Mr. Bran's chauffeur; £1,000 to Miss Elizabeth Knox, daughter »of Sir Adrian K^idx ; £2,000 to Mr. A. B. Shand. K.C.;> £1^000 to Mr; W. J. Cleaves, of-the flriiv of Sparke &r Helm ore, solicitors .t'd Mr: Brown ; £1,000 to Mr. JosephHdttibLyy, WhH'hftd served the Brown family for .riiotrd than 30 years ; £500 to,tljfe' trii„ ttfek df St'. Andrew's Presbytenan Church, Newcastle,with which' tho Brown family lias long been identified '} i£7,500 to Mr. Leslie Bower, sttid'grcidm aild'riiahag^i* of the Darbalara,'stutlV .

The will gives Mr. Brown's fVedhOid property at Edgcliffe to his sist'er, Mi^s.' Mal-'y Stephen Nairn. An aiiiiiirtl' pk£ ment of £1,000 to each exedutot^ is idiredtkdv It further statfesj asj; Mr. Brown's expressed desire* thlit the business of the firm of J. A. Br'dtvn shbuld" be carried on under tllfe' sftYhe firm name during the . life * of;' iiis" brother, Mr. Stephen Brown: MR. ARMSTRONG'S-REABbNlff:

A statement accompanying the will and signed by Mr. Arntstrohgsays: "Under normal condit'ioris tjiS: coh tents of the will of this late Mr. John Brown would have b£en madd phblic when probate was applied for, but on. account of mbSt1 inaccurate arid' riiis ^aa'iiig stat'dments tliat have appealed 'rddcrhtiy ill soriie of thfe daily papers, T feel that, as the sole executor of the late Mr. J. Brown, at pt-esent residing in Australia, it is my duty to release ;the full text'of the will so as to avoid further misleading statements; The position now is that Mr. Stephen Brown is the sole survivor of'the iiar't riership business, whlcli; dri'a;tedourit of .the deatlv of his two brothers; Will" be carried on* under tlie" old firm's' naftie, but tlie personnel' of tlie; fii*m* will be 'thh-t Mr. Stephferi' Browri'wili! l5fe: sefiibr ilphrtnef arid' aSStiCiated' Witli1 hiriy will .be- his sister, Mrs: Nairn;, Sir Adrian Knox, and Mr. Thomas Armstrong, beneficiaries under the will. - (Ref- Border Watch (Mount Gambier, SA : 1861 - 1954)(about) Previous issue Saturday 5 April 1930)